Monday, December 1, 2008

My Copenhagen story

Vienna-Copenhagen | 1 h and 40' | 78 Euro - thanks to low cost airlines and fast flights I can share my warm-cold story from Copenhagen - The cold was for the weather ;)
Taking nap after arriving to Copenhagen was the best thing to do to recover from a tough week. My short nap was followed by a nice evening in a Moroccan coffee place where I got a beer, Carlsberg of course! Meeting my friends from EuroCo conference which happened 2 months ago in Slovakia was great. It brought my EuroCo memories back...
The thing I like the most here so far was the French brunch which took more than 4 hours! Amazing! :) Four hours of eating and talking, sharing the stories and our realities was absolutely amazing - 6 people with roots from Iraq, Algeria, France, Denmark, Slovakia, Bahrain and Syria (Lucie, Fatima, Khaled, Christina, Leila and me). After a long brunch, me and my full stomach went to Tivoli - huge garden with a lot of stands and roller coasters, beautiful buildings and everything lighted - pretty place, especially for daters ;)

I again met couple of my friends from EuroCo but also several interns from Colombia and Poland, but also Fernando from Bolivia, Prateek from India and Dora from Romania - they all work for AIESEC. I also got a glass of "glogg" - hot vine with rum and spices inside, the same as you get at the Christmas market in Bratislava.

I think Copenhagen is definitely a city worth visiting - beautiful old architecture, a lot of places to have fun, Tivoli garden, bicycles all around the city, a lot of statues, etc...
But there is only one reason I travelled to Copenhagen which I didn't mentioned in this post yet - of course it's the girl, my girl - thanks Leila for making my stay in Copenhagen an amazing one!

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Copenhagen is great... chceck my photos ..