Sunday, August 17, 2008

Non ducor, duco or Welcome in Sao Paulo

Capital of the state Sao Paulo | largest city in Brazil, first in South America by population | 4th biggest city in the world | 1.523 square km | 11.000.000 people - Bem vindo a Sampa {welcome in Sao Paulo}.
My first day in Sao Paulo was very cool. I spent the day with Hugo from Portugal, Betsy from Colombia and Odette from Puerto Rico. We were wondering around the city. We went to the big market place full of people and energy, small park in the city with the church on its side and the last destination was main avenue, where we found quiet street in parallel with the main avenue and had cold beer and nice food.
My general feelings about "Sampa" are very positive and I'm looking forward to experience another day in this energetic city ;)

Picture from Sao Paulo >>here<<

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