Monday, April 27, 2009

The blind.

Exactly one week ago on my way back home from a conference I experienced something I want to share with you:
"I went to the cashier at the train station in Nitra to buy my ticket home. While waiting in a line I noticed blind guy buying his ticket somewhere. I was observing how he is able to buy a ticket. It was the first time in my life I focused on every single move of his and listen to every single word cashier was telling him & vice versa. It will sound maybe funny but I was amazed. I tried to put myself into his shoes and imagine how I, as blind person, would deal with so easy situation - buying a ticket. Suddenly, while imagining it, it just became so complicated - I was full of questions - how would I get to train station? How would I know where to buy a ticket? How would I know how much money I'm giving to the cashier? How can I check if I have the right ticket? Can I trust the cashier she will give me exact change? How do I get into the right train? and many others... Despite of all my questions and concerns I would face, the blind guy looked so humble, smiling not thinking of any of those questions of mine...
So I approached the guy (he looked only few years older than me) and offered him my help as I thought he cannot find the exit in the train station (he was going around the hall). Stupid me! He was just looking for some wending machine to get some Sprite :) As there was nothing like that inside, I took him out and told him to wait, that I'm going to buy him some water. I brought him a water and we chatted a bit. I figured he was buying the ticket to Prague for the conference about barrier-free solutions. Another questions popped out in my head - how is he going to get there? Train, public transport, specific address... just imagine how would you get at some place if you cannot see anything?
Dear blind guy, thank you for this short talk, I'm very grateful for that. It showed me how much I should value small things in my life that I take usually for granted. Also it showed me that dreams and passion are in everyone of us and there is no reason to keep them inside but rather make them alive..."

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